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Canon 5D vs Canon R5




  • Erich Ramsey

    I don't have an R5 personally but I feel like the R6 is the way to go. It's such a great price for what it is and I haven't heard of any overheating issues with the R6. 

    It also seems like Canon is killing off their DSLRs so it seems wise to hitch yourself to the mirrorless train.

  • Tan Chu

    I'm a wedding photographer and I expected the R5 to be incredible. Unfortunately, I've had a few issues with it on recent shoots. I discovered that the battery life is TERRIBLE. I can get an average of around 800 images on a single battery charge. That is just not going to work for me coming from the EOS R which I can easily expect to shoot 2000 images on a single charge. Some weddings yield 5000 images, and yeah I'm not loving the idea of changing out 8 batteries during the course of a wedding. It also gets really hot in your hand, it's like a little handwarmer. I returned my R5, and instead got the R6. 

  • Relyt Noslen

    The R6 is great. Also, I just heard that the R5S is coming next year which will have over 100MP :))


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